Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passing the Ball...What a Novel Concept

The Bears were looking good against the Giants in the second pre-season game of the season.

I loved the passing game. During our first possession, we were facing third and long (familiar territory for the Rex/Orton days). I joked to the guy next to me, "Do you think we will run or will we run?" To my surprise, we actually passed the ball, and for a completion and a first down!

My next comment was, "Now, I've read rules of football and I'm pretty sure that's what some teams call a pass." The guy behind me joked that it was a forward pass and that teams are allowed to do that any time they want. What a novel concept.

I'll post pics from the game soon.

Looking forward to next week against Denver/Orton on Sunday night...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bears Training Camp

Ok, so I'm new to blogging and decided that I'd begin today seeing as tomorrow is the first some pre-season game. I probably should have started two weeks ago after attending Training Camp in Bearbonnais, but I didn't... oh well. Shamelessly, I must admit that I had never been to Camp before. What a great time. I loved watching the efficiency of practice. The fast pace at which they work to get a complete workout done in two hours with hundreds of people is impressive.

As Ellen and I were leaving, we got our picture taken with Pisa Tinoisamoa (#59). He was great; he probably spent 15-20 or so signing autographs and taking pictures with the kids (and us).

We also got pictures of Staley. He totally hammed it up while wearing our feather boas.

Tomorrow's game should be fun. The NY Giants, with highly paid Eli at the helm, will be tough, but hopefully the Bears will play better than we did last week against the Bills. Cutler looked a little jittery for the few plays he was on the field. Clearly, we would have won had it not been for the interceptions by the third string QB. D'oh!

I'll report back this weekend about tomorrow victory.