Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Home Opener!

While I'm still grieving over the Packer loss, Cutlers play and Urlacher being out for the season, I’m moving on and focusing on happier things, i.e. tailgating.

This Sunday’s game is going to be fun. The usual crew—E*, J* and C*—will be at the 31st lot at 7am. Any and all are welcome to join us. We’ll kick off the tailgating festivities with Mimosa/chocolate wax donuts toasts (It’s a tradition, and as with all traditions, I have no idea why we do it). From there we’ll move on to hot, gooey cinnamon bread on the grill, Bloody Marys, beer, etc. The remainder of the day we stick to more traditional tailgating foods while riding the cooler and playing bags. Should be a great day and a W (I hope)!

Actually, the only thing I’m worried about is the potential new restrictions in the lot. Now that Standard Parking is taking over the security, no one can seem to figure out what time the lots opens. Is it the normal 5am or will the 31st join the likes of the other lots and only open up 4 hours before the game. LAME! There are rumors on the Bears message board that the lot will no longer allow tents and will not allow random parking, but instead park cars in formation based on the way they pulled in to the lot. If that the case, it really messes things up if you are trying to tailgate with other people who arrived before or after you.

Well, here’s to our first victory of the season and a speedy recovery for Tinoisamoa, Des Clark, Urlacher and the others.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Anthony Adams Starting

According to, Anthony Adams is slated to start at defensive tackle on Sunday agaist the Packers.

It's Packer Week!

Last night officially kicked off the 2009 football season. What started out as a dull game sure ended up as a good one. Too bad for the Steelers though... costly win losing Polamalu for 3-6 weeks. The good news fellow Bears fans, is that Palamalu will not be playing next Sunday against the Bears!

I'm so excited for Sunday night! It's can't get here fast enough. Most of the pundits I've seen have picked the Pack to win. Clearly they are stupid. The Bears are going to march into Lambeau and take charge of the game and come out with a VICTORY!

All bias aside, with a division that's expected to be a tight race (except for Detroit) every conference game becomes even more important. I do not want to miss the playoffs this season.